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A Festival of Tubas

Come join us for our

SITF Play Day

Saturday, 27th of July

at the Scottish International Tuba Festival at St Mary's Music School in Edinburgh!

Mass Tubas!

Sometimes known in Scotland as a "quickening" of tubas, this ensemble will be a wild bass romp of fun music to play. Parts will be in a variety of difficulty levels, and there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Ending with a concert performance in Edinburgh's historic Canongate Kirk on the Royal Mile, it's an event not to miss!

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Come work with Mark Reynolds (author of "Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play") on the fundamentals of breathing, blowing, and articulation

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Ever wondered how to improvise on the tuba? Danielle Price, with her recently released solo album "After the Allotments" and cofounder of the duo "Dopey Monkey" can show you the basics to start your journey.

How much?


Thanks for your support! All funds will go to covering costs and securing the future of SITF.

Students (with valid student ID)

We get the student life, so here's a fiver.

Under 18s

Any participants under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Want to come enjoy all the events of the Play Day, but not up for playing your instrument? Everyone can enjoy it, even you. 

YMI Bursary Place

Should anyone require financial assistance, YMI have provided funding to help cover the costs of Scottish based young people under 25 years old. If you would like to request a bursary place, please send us an email at



Ready to sign up? Click here to register and reserve your place!

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