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The Course

The Course

July 24 - 27, 2024
St Mary's Music School, Edinburgh

This intensive 4 day course will send you on a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of becoming a successful professional tubist. We will look at the many different ways of becoming an artist, focusing on orchestral performance, solo performance, pedagogy, and innovation.  Applications are now closed, however if are interested in submitting a late application, please click the button below to email us. 

Your Syllabus

What's included?

Here's what's in store for SITF particpants...


Unique Courses

In addition to performance, fundamentals, and breathing classes, we offer unique learning opportunities in such classes as Advanced Practice Techniques for audition prep, Improvisation for expanding your creative artistry, and Performance Karaoke to build confidence under pressure.


Guided Practice

Have you ever been practicing, trying to apply what you've learned, and thought "I don't quite understand what I'm supposed to do, I wish my teacher was here to help"? Guided practice is just that. During certain times of day throughout the course, tutors will be in the practice areas, available to offer any appropriate advice and ready to answer any questions you may have.



There will be lots of opportunities for each participant to perform during the course: solos (with or without piano), ensembles, improv gigs, a mock audition... there will be no shortage of opportunities. In addition to the final performance we will be having performances throughout the course, some for the public and some your fellow attendees, all for the purpose of improving your skills.



Everyone who participates in the course will get a lesson from two of our 3 tutors.  

Course, Accommodation, Venue

All in one place. 

As St Mary's is a bespoke boarding school for young musicians in heart of Edinburgh through the year, their facilities are ideal for the Scottish International Tuba Festival in the summer. Dorm rooms are ample size and are all en suite. There are lounges at the ends of the halls with sofas, a TV, and kitchenette. Continental breakfast will be served in the cafeteria in the mornings, and as we're right in the heart of Edinburgh, the area is full of cafes, restuarants, pubs, or whatever else you fancy for your other meals. And did we mention the world-class music facilities? Yes, those too.

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St Mary's Music School

Edinburgh, Scotland

A prestigious music school for young instrumentalists through the year, in a stunning setting at the heart of Edinburgh, St Mary's Music School will be the home of the Scottish International Tuba Festival 2024.

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