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Application Requirements

Application Form

The application form asks a few basic questions about who you are and about your musical background and goals. For the background information you can upload a CV or biography (PDFs preferred), or you can type into the field provided (limited to 300 words). Any uploads of CV's or biographies should be limited to one page only.

The deadline for submitting your application is the 31st of January, 2024.


There are three elements to the video submission: a solo, a Bordogni etude, and orchestral excerpts (NB: a full list of required repertoire with excerpts included is linked at the bottom of this page).




You may choose any solo you wish to play for us. Take this as an opportunity to share with us what's important to you in playing solo works. The total performance of the solo work portion of the video should take 3-5 minutes. Feel free to make cuts to the music to shorten an excerpt from a larger solo work, and/or combine different parts of the same work. Just make sure that the overall performance is cohesive.


Bordogni Etude: 


Similar to the solo, this is your opportunity to share with us how you approach playing an etude. You may choose any Bordogni etude you wish, from any edition.


Orchestral Excerpts:


This section is designed for you to show us how well you understand the role of the tuba in the standard orchestral repertoire, as well as your approach to discplined practice, precision in tempo and pitch, and the varied styles of playing required. Please choose two excerpts to perform from each of the following lists (NB: a PDF file, with both the full list of required repertoire and the orchestral excerpts included, is linked at the bottom of this page):

List A:


Hindemith "Symphonic Metamorphosis": [Turandot, Scherzo; 5th bar of Letter "L" to Letter "O"]

Prokofiev "Symphony No. 5": [Mvt I; Figure 3 to 2 bars before Figure 6]

Respighi "Fountains of Rome": [Pickup to Figure 11 to downbeat of Figure 14]

Strauss "Ein Heldenleben": [Figure 8 to downbeat of Figure 9; and 2nd bar of Figure 62 to downbeat of 2nd bar of Figure 65]

Wagner "Ride of the Valkyries": [Pickup to Figure 11; to downbeat of 5th bar of Figure 12]

List B:


Gershwin "An American in Paris": [Figure 15 to 4 bars before Figure 17; and 4th bar of Figure 67 to downbeat of Figure 68; and 7th bar of Figure 72 to downbeat of Figure 74]

Mahler "Symphony No. 1": [Mvt. III; 7th bar of Figure 2 to 3 bars before Figure 4]

Revueltas "Sensemaya": [Figure 2 to Figure 11]

Stravinsky "Petrouchka": [Figure 189 to Figure 191; and Figure 240 to 2 bars before Figure 242]

Wagner "Siegfried": [Act II, Vorspiel; Bar 6 (for 51 bars) to to 16 bars before the "Un poco animando" in 4/4]


List C:


Brahms "German Requiem": [11th bar of Letter "L" to downbeat of 6 bars before Letter "N"]

Delibes "Coppelia, Prelude et Mazurka": [Last double bar (and key change to D Major) to downbeat of 19 bars before the end]

Mendelssohn "A Midsummer Night’s Dream": [17th bar of Letter "G" to downbeat of 18 bars before Letter "H"

Revueltas "Homenaje a Federico Garcia Lorca": [2 bars before Figure 3 to Figure 8; and Figure 20 to 4 bars before Figure 31]

Wagner "Overture to Die Meistersinger": [Letter "J to downbeat of Letter "L"]

Video Submission

Videos ready for submission will contain three elements. Please perform them in the following order: 

1. Solo Work (own choice) 3 - 5 minutes

2. Bordogni Etude (own choice) 2 - 3 minutes

3. Six Orchestral Excerpts (two from each list, performed in any order)

- Please record your video on a smartphone or similar device.


- Your face and full instrument should be clearly visible, and should fill most of the frame (approx. 7-10ft from camera).

- Videos with all elements should be done in one take with no edits (except to trim the edges if necessary).

- Video submissions should take no longer than 15 minutes from start to finish.

I've made a video, what do I do now?

Once you've trimmed your video and it's ready for submission, it's time to upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or a similar platform. Once this has been done and you've created a link for your video, go ahead and start your application and paste it into the URL field when prompted to do so. On most sites it's possible to create a private link; this will make it so that no one except a person you share the link with will be able to see the video. This feature can usually be found in the privacy settings during the video upload process. 

If you've never done this before and need some help on where to start, here's some helpful guides for YouTube and Vimeo.

NB: Please only provide a link to your video submision. Original video files can not be accepted due to the size of the files and the lack of sufficient space for us to store them.

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